Abandon // the dead end 2xCD

Do Make Say Think // other truths 2xLP

Do Make Say Think // you, you’re  history in rust CD

End of a Year // sincerely CD

Ida // heart like a river 2xLP

Makthaverskan // självbetitlad CD

Paramore // all we know is failing CD

Paramore // brand new eyes CD

pg.lost // in never out CD

Set Your Goals // this will be the death of us CD

Titan // colossus LP

Volcano Choir // unmap LP

Waxwing // for madmen only 2xLP

Waxwing // nobody can take what everybody owns LP


Cult of Luna // eviga riket DVD (talbok)

Meleeh // to  live and die alone LP

War From a Harlots Mouth // in shoals LP


The Album Leaf // a chorus of storytellers CD

Bon Iver // blood banks CD

Jónsi & Alex // riceboy sleeps CD

Jónsi // Go CD

Modest Mouse // good news for people who love bad news CD

Passion Pit // manners CD

Title Fight // the last thing you forget CD


Eskju Divine // heights CD

The FuckYouFingers // world domination LP

The Ocean // precambrian 2xCD

Russian Circles // geneva 2xLP


Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra // horses in the sky

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra // 13 blues for thirteen moons

Sista Sekunden // åldras med stil CD


A Life Once Lost // a great artist CD

Animosity // empires CD

Brandtson // death & taxes CDEP

By the end of tonight // a tribute to tigers CD

Celeste // morte(s)  nee(s) 2xLP

The Chinese Stars // listen to your left brain CD

Drowningman // busy signal at the suicide hotline MCD

Grails // doomsdayer’s holiday CD

Gracer // voices travels CD

Gustaf Spetz // good night mr spetz CD

Heiress/Narrows // split 7″

Immanu El // they’ll come, they come CD

Integrity // the blackest curse LP

Lamb of God // wrath CD

Logh // a sunset panorama CD/DVD

Lowood // close to violence CD

Murder By Death // like the excorsist, but more breakdancing  CD

The Sound of Animals Fighting // lover, the lord has left us CD

Saxon Shore // it doesn’t matter CD

Starmarket // song of songs CD

Tiger Lou // the loyal CD

Unearth // the march CD


Attack Attack! //s/t CD

At the Gates // slaughter of the soul CD

Band of Horses // infinite arms CD

Converge // on my shield 7″

Cruel Hand // s/t 7″

Earth Crisis // to the death CD

Four Year Strong // enemy of the world CD

Jetz to Brazil // orange rhyming dictionary CD

La Dispute // somewhere at the bottom of the river between vega and altair 2xLP

M83 // before the dawn heals us 2xLP

M83 // saturdays=youths 2xLP

Parkway Drive // deep blue CD

Polar Bear Club // chasing hamburg LP

Sunny Day Real Estate // diary CD

This Will Destroy You // moving on the edges of things Pic12″

Trap Them // filth rations 12″

Trapped Under Ice/Dirty Money // split 7″

Trapped Under Ice // stay cold 7″

Trapped Under Ice // secrets of the world LP

Turmoil // staring back 2xCD


Seabear //we built a fire LP


2 svar to “Skivinköp 2010”

  1. Ewa said

    Ser bra ut än så länge =) Hur är SYG skivan?


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